Forensic Science and Psychology


Core Labs: LabForSci, LABPSI, LCFPEM

LabForSci is mainly dedicated to apply biological, chemical and computational sciences into forensic problems.

LABPSI is mainly oriented toward the development of research works with scientific merit and social impact in the field of Psychology, creating conditions for the practice of scientific research in the area of Psychology. Is organized in two main research groups: 1. CLINICAL & HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY; 2. FORENSIC & CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGY.

The 4ENSICS - Forensic Multidisciplinary Research Group by LCFPEM is a research group that intends to articulate four areas of the Egas Moniz Laboratory of Forensic and Psychological Sciences - psychology, genetics, chemistry and document analysis. The group, of young researchers, masters and doctoral students, enjoys autonomy in the development of it research area, reporting to the Laboratory Directorate.


Main anticipated actions



    • Consolidation of the interdisciplinary and translational approach to research, linking researcher’s backgrounds;
    • Emergency of ground-breaking research trough the network synergy of our different areas of scientific knowledge;




    • Integration of BSc and MSc students into current research projects.
    • Introducing MSc and PhD students into teaching.




    • Developing novel methodologies for application in forensic caseworks;
    • Increasing public dissemination of science;
    • Creation of advanced training for students and professionals.


    • Increment of Scientific Publications;
    • More scientific funding;
    • Transfer of research novelty into classes
    • Transfer of knowledge to society, incrementing the application of research outcomes to societal problems;
    • Forensic degrees development and sustainability;
    • To build benchmark degrees trough research.

The main scientific activity of the forensic sciences and psychology area emerges from the work performed on three laboratories, LabForSci, LabPsi and LCFPEM. Six different scientific thematic sub-areas arise from these three laboratories. Three from the LabForSci (Forensic Bioinformatic, Chemistry and Toxicology and Genetic and Anthropology); two from the LabPsi (clinical and health psychology and forensic and criminal psychology); one from LCFPEM, integrating forensic psychology with genetics and toxicology (4ensics).