CiiEM Congress

The CiiEM Congress provides a unique opportunity to present scientific papers, discussion and exchange of knowledge among researchers from different research areas. It provides the innovative blending of diverse methodologies and visions that often overcome barriers that hinder the scientific process.


4th International Congress, June 2-5, 2019 "Health, Well-Being and Ageing in the XXI Century"


3rd International Congress, June 20-22, 2018 “Research and Innovation in Human & Health Sciences 2018”

(Abstracts and full papers under processing for publication in Annals of Medicine)


2nd International Congress, June 11-13, 2017 “Translational Research and Innovation in Human in Health Sciences”

The volume of abstracts related to the 2nd International Congress of the CiiEM "Translational Research and Innovation in Human and Health Sciences" was published in Open Access.

Please find it at vol.50 supplement 1 of Annals of Medicine that can be consulted at


1st International Congress, November 27-28, 2015 “From Basic Sciences to Clinical Research”