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The CiiEM is responsible through some of its Members, for the edition of four Special Numbers integrated in the indexed international journals, Biosensors (ISSN 2079-6374), International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (ISSN 1660-4601), Healthcare (ISSN 2227-9032) and Applied Sicences (ISSN 2076-3417) from MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute).


Special Issue "Biosensors for the Detection of Nitrogen-Based Compounds"



Guest Editor

Prof. Dr. Maria Gabriela Almeida


Nitrogen is present in the environment in a wide variety of chemical compounds, such as nitrates, nitrites, nitric oxide, nitrous oxide, ammonia, hydroxylamine and also as organic nitrogen. The interconversion of these compounds, in the environment, constitutes the global biogeochemical cycle of nitrogen, which is unbalanced by the human supply of nitrogen compounds, in the soil, water and atmosphere. This represents a threat to Human Health and ecosystems, on a global scale, requiring strict control and monitoring of the most impacting nitrogen compounds, in accordance with national and international legislation. In addition, the search for effective nitrogen oxide analysis methodologies is also present in areas such as food quality control, biomedical research and clinical diagnosis.


Special Issue "Periodontal Disease and Female Reproductive Health"

(International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)


Guest Editors

Prof. Dr. Maria Alexandra Bernardo
Dr. Vanessa Machado
Dr. João Botelho


The special issue “Periodontal Disease and Female Reproductive Health” is dedicated to scientific and clinical progress on the study of Periodontology in Women of childbearing age. In recent years, a body of scientific evidence has shown an association between periodontal disease and obstetric complications, however, the mechanism of this relationship is not yet fully understood. In addition, recent studies have revealed the potential impact of the subclinical inflammatory state produced by periodontitis on female infertility, which may act as a limiting, but modifiable, risk factor in conception. As contributions to this Special Number, interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged, as well as interventional studies, in addition to systematic reviews that explore the association mentioned above.


Special Issue "E-learning and Digital Training in Healthcare Education: Current Trends and New Challenges"



Guest Editors

Prof. Dr. Luís Proença
Prof. Dr. José João Mendes
Dr. João Botelho
Dr. Vanessa Machado


The COVID-19 pandemic had a massive impact on the learning and teaching processes, especially in health education, due to the predominant role of student-patient interaction in that process. In view of this situation, Higher Education institutions around the world were forced to accelerate the introduction of online learning methodologies in areas where this was not the main focus, such as clinical teaching. This special issue is dedicated to current trends and new challenges that emerge from this new e-learning environment, highlighting its potential to revolutionize Health Education and exploring how it can help better prepare future Health professionals for their daily practice.


Special Issue "Novel Developments in the Bioproduction of Biochemicals and Biomaterials"

(Applied Sciences)


Guest Editor

Prof. Dr. Catarina Dias de Almeida


The Special Issue on Novel Developments in the Bioproduction of Biochemicals and Biomaterials in Applied Sciences intends to assemble recent advances and breakthroughs regarding the biological production of commercially important biomolecules. The wide scope of this issue is, however, limited to the production of biochemicals and biomaterials with nonfuel applications. Instead, processes that originate biochemical building blocks, biochemicals, biopolymers, and/or high end-value bioproducts for medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and nutrition markets are preferred.



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