Membership Process


Admission Criteria

All Professors and Researchers at Egas Moniz, may apply to CiiEM Membership through the Observatory e-mail address.

Based on this request, the Board of CiiEM will analyse the application and decide whether the information received may apply to the integration and in what capacity (integrated or collaborator).




Members Classification 

In the 1st quarter of each calendar year, CiiEM Observatory is responsible for analysing whether each member eligibility criteria remain active and in compliance. This yearly classification takes place in a double-step process: 1) CiiEM collects and analyses data; 2) CiiEM send information to be individually validated by each member. 

Thus, CiiEM ensures the progression of members actively engaged in research activities and projects. Members who may be downgraded from integrated to collaborators may apply to follow-up programs in order to meet admission criteria again.