4th Regular Seminar of CiiEM

The 4th Regular Seminar of CiiEM aims to spread the work of the Laboratories among Egas Moniz members and other interested colleagues.

This will allow a better understanding and represent an incentive to cooperation among CiiEM laboratories. These master specific technologies and develop projects with potential interest to all Egas Moniz members that can benefit from increased internal and external networking.

We invite all Egas Moniz members and in particular CiiEM members to be present in the next seminar that will take place March 1st at 10:00 a.m. in Auditorium 1 with presentations of the following Labs:

- Morphology/Anatomy Lab

- Biomaterials Lab

- Biochemistry Lab

- Applied Microbiology Lab

- PharmSci Lab − Innovative Solutions in Pharmaceutical Sciences


More information at the Program

The CiiEM Board of Directors

José João Mendes (President)
A.P. Alves de Matos (Executive Director)
Ana Paula Serro (Deputy Executive Director)