AAL 2021 Program

"Advancing inclusive health & care solutions to ageing well in the new decade".

The objective of this Program is to support innovative, transnational and multidisciplinary projects.

They must have an inclusive approach to health and care (health prevention, preservation of physical and mental health, social participation), stimulation and increased innovation in active and healthy aging through health and care ecosystems and the accessibility of solutions end users, for example through education for greater literacy.

This Program includes Collaborative Projects and small Collaborative Projects.


Collaborative Projects (carried out by consortia composed of at least 3 organizations from 3 different countries) will continue to be the main financing tool. This type of project has a duration of 12 to 30 months with a maximum financing of 2,500,000 euros.


Small Collaborative Projects have a duration of 6 to 9 months, the same central eligibility criteria as Collaborative Projects, a maximum co-financing budget of 300,000 euros and simpler application and reporting procedures.


More information at: http://www.aal-europe.eu/call-2021/