Egas Moniz and CENIMAT|i3N

Research Cooperation Protocol.

Egas Moniz and CENIMAT|i3N signed a Teaching and Research Cooperation Protocol last Monday. This protocol was signed by Prof. Doutor José João Mendes and Prof Doutor Mário Polido of the Board of EM, Prof. Doutor Virgílio Machado, Director of FCT at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Prof. Doutora Elvira Fortunato, Scientific Coordinator of CENIMAT|i3N and Vice-Dean of UNL.

The ceremony was also attended by the Vice-Dean of the IUEM, Prof. Doutora Cristina Manso, from the Director of ESSEM, Prof Doutor Miguel Correia, from Prof Doutor João Couvaneiro, Prof Doutor Rodrigo Martins and Doutor Paulo Manteigas, respectively Vice-Director and Coordinator of the Management Office of CENIMAT|i3N.

This cooperation agreement aims at the exchange of knowledge and skills of a technical-scientific scope, the promotion and implementation of training and research activities, the joint preparation of articles with the potential for publication in scientific journals, the joint development of scientific literacy projects, with an impact on the community, which aim to promote awareness, development and understanding of science and technology, the creation of join training offers in the various areas of application of science and engineering of materials to the sciences and technologies of human and animal health, among other forms of collaboration and development.