Egas Moniz / CiiEM Investiga 2018

Egas moniz (through its Interdisciplinary Research Center – CiiEM), opens a call for research projects with a maximum duration of 2 years to support innovative ideas that can make a significant contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge.


Due to the financial limitations of the program, it is especially suited to the development of preliminary studies that may form a basis for the preparation of projects to be submitted to external financing entities, such as FCT or H2020, or others.
Applications are open from September 1 to November 15. The application form must be sent to during this period.
The project's evaluation will be made by referees, according to the classification grid disclosed in the evaluation guide.
Each project is run by a workgroup that must be set up in accordance with the attached rules.
The value to be attributed to each project cannot exceed € 10.000. The cost-benefit ratio will be taken in consideration for the evaluation.

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