EuroHealthNet Magazine

"The Relationship of Periodontitis with Systemic Health”.

Egas Moniz has recently become a member of the EuroHealthNet European network which plays an important role in monitoring and developing health policies at the European level.

Mission: "EuroHealthNet´s mission is to help build a sustainable, fair, and inclusive Europe through health communities and to tackle health inequalities within and between European States.”

In the winter edition of the EuroHealthNet Magazine ( the article entitled “The Relationship of Periodontitis with Systemic Health” will be published, written by Professors José João Mendes, Gil Alcoforado, António Alves de Matos, Bjorn Klinge, Vanessa Machado and Dr João Botelho.

This initiative contributes to the enhancement of Egas Moniz´s portfolio of specific knowledge and its capacity to intervene at an international level.