L´Oréal Portugal Medals of Honor for Women in Science

June 6 – September 16, 2022.

All PhD candidates who have obtained their PhD degree less than 5 years before the opening date of the application and who do not complete, by the end of the current year, are over 35 years old can apply for this award.


The award aims to distinguish advanced scientific research studies, at the post-doctoral level, carried out in universities or other Portuguese institutions of recognized merit, in the field of Sciences, Engineering and Technologies for Health or the Environment.


In each edition, the Medals of Honor L´Oréal Portugal are awarded to 4 winning candidates and the prize has a unit value of 15 thousand euros.


The evaluation is carried out by a jury constituted for this purpose, formed by scientists of recognized merit in the field of the areas of the application.


More information: https://www.fct.pt/apoios/premios/loreal/