Research Projects under the R&D Projects in Co-Promotion: COVID-19

Portugal 2020.

Egas Moniz-Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, CRL, is the Promoting Entity of the “Dental Hotte” Project and Co-Promoter of the “Plano-A-Saúde-C19” Project, both Research Projects within the scope of the R&D Projects in Co-Promotion: COVID-19 (Portugal 2020).


The “Dental Hotte” project aims at the development of protective equipment that allows dental health professionals to continue treating their patients without being exposed to the aerosols produced by this activity, the main transmission vector of SARS-COV-2 and other viruses.


The “PLANO-A-SAÚDE-C19” project aims to develop, pilot and evaluate the platform that aggregates the vision of entities from the academic-scientific environment, health services and technology, in a solution for remote monitoring of patients with COVID- 19 and comorbidities and chronic diseases.