Mission, Vision and Objectives


CiiEM mission consists of the development of advanced research, basic and applied, in subjects connected to the study and teaching of biomedical sciences as well as other scientific fields applied to health care.



CiiEM provides an environment tailored to promoting the advancement of knowledge in scientific fields related to biomedical science, health and health care, including sociology, psychology, forensic sciences and veterinary, while implementing a demanding culture of quality.

This environment is an essential part of the translational interface promoted by Egas Moniz School of Health and Science, linking the efforts and needs of research, industry, clinics and society.

CiiEM seeks to impart an effective dynamics to specific actions that include collaborative research projects, services based on advanced research and training, dissemination actions and outreach activities, as well as using the knowledge and the ability to understand and solve new problems in broad and multidisciplinary contexts  using relevant soft skills.

The new area of Veterinary Sciences, thus complements the professional training and development of Egas Moniz students in a biomedical field that is critical for economy.

Based on research, the Veterinary Sciences area aims to contribute to a sustainable and competitive animal production, respecting the environment, ensuring the health and welfare of animals, protecting humans from zoonoses and ensuring the safety of food products of animal origin, as well as find the solutions to global health challenges.



The main CiiEM development objectives are Excellence, Dissemination, Visibility and Outreach.



  • Promote high quality scientific work
  • Increase the number and quality of research projects, mainly international
  • Set up and participate in clinical Big Data databases
  • Develop the participation in Master and PhD thesis 


  • Open Science policy
  • Increase quality and number of scientific publications
  • Increase society-directed scientific dissemination


  • Increase the profile os specific areas, such as Periodontology
  • Pioneering Forensic services that advise the public authorities, namely the Judicial System and Police
  • Increase the overall Scientific profile


  • Empower Clinics and Services
  • Foster a StartUP Incubator Hub