Open Acess Policy


Following the 2017 Guiding Principles for Open Science | Knowledge for All from the Portuguese Government, and the policies from the European Union, Egas Moniz has been incorporating the principles of Open Science in its paradigm of action, a practice now made official in this document and which should guide the activities carried out by the integrated members and collaborators of the CiiEM.

In August 2014 Egas Moniz had already come to follow the path of Open Science, with the adoption policy for the mandatory deposit of publications resulting from research financed by Egas Moniz in its institutional Repository. This was the first measure in the context of an ecosystem of good practices for Open Science, and many others have followed, namely the opening of data generated in research activities through deposit in repositories thus ensuring the reproducibility of Science, that is, that the data collected during a research project may be reused for further research.


Open Access




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