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JJM 161X174 José João Mendes (President of CiiEM)

It is my greatest honor and privilege to present you the Egas Moniz Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CiiEM). The Center was born in the Summer of 2009, as a more effective and proactive research host, to all the scholars from the newly appointed Instituto Universitário Egas Moniz and Escola Superior de Saúde Egas Moniz. Over the span of nearly a decade, these two remarkable institutions have provided many students with numerous courses in all the areas of Health, with a tremendous employability ratio, thanks, in no small part, to the amazing professionals who teach and lecture at the aforementioned courses.

CiiEM is currently home of 16 fully-staffed and state-of-the-art equipped laboratories, which develop research projects and knowledge-sharing hubs, as well as providing advanced training in a clinical environment. They effectively position CiiEM as an interface between academic education, society, industry and clinical endeavors.

Currently the center is undergoing a complete restructuring process overseen by a new Board, appointed after the 2013 evaluation procedure, and powered by an FCT recovery project (UID/BIM/4585/2016). In fact, an Observatory Agency, is providing full support to CiiEM members, in all aspects of project managing, consulting, data gathering and general cooperation, where otherwise required.

I am honored to contribute to the scientific progression of mankind and human health in every way. Like someone once said "brilliant minds will always shine us a light ahead, standing on the shoulder of giants but never missing to learn from the lessons of the past" and that true progress can never be achieved at the expense of our humility and, most importantly, our human heart.

I wish to welcome and acknowledge you for your interest in CiiEM.


Alves De Matos 161X174 A.P. Alves de Matos (Executive Director of CiiEM) 

Dear visitor

Welcome to the web site of CiiEM, the research Centre of Egas Moniz School of Health and Science.

Egas Moniz is an integrated environment combining research, higher education and health services with the aim of improving healthcare and knowledge in health sciences. The specific contribution of research carried out at CiiEM is to help ideas thrive to create innovative and efficient ways to address health problems and thus to make life better.

CiiEM develops a comprehensive programme of research projects directed both to the fundamental understanding of the nature of diseases and to applied means to fight diseases prevalent in our society. These projects span a wide thematic diversity, including topics in areas such as Environmental Health, Forensic Sciences and Psychology, Public Health and Microbiology and Clinical Research and contribute to the advanced formation of young researchers.