At CiiEM

Research at CiiEM

CiiEM is the research Centre of Egas Moniz School of Health and Science. The centre represents a nucleus of knowledge creation and innovation, interfacing research activities and structured in Research Lines. These work with the laboratories and associated partner networks, interfacing with the Social role of Egas Moniz on the behalf of the local and National community.

Research at CiiEM focus on health and health-related sciences. Egas Moniz has a strong commitment to oral medicine and nutrition, while addressing also wider problems of environmental health, microbiology, forensic and veterinary sciences, and is active in research and support for wellbeing of the populations it serves. CiiEM also studies social problems, supporting Egas Moniz in providing social support for disease conditions and third age.

The CiiEM laboratory infrastructure can address problems ranging from the basic scientific level such as molecular biology, histology and ultrastructure, biochemistry, cell biology, inorganic chemistry, microbiology and even materials sciences, to the psychological sciences and sociology. CiiEM’s capabilities are complemented by a comprehensive set of collaborations that greatly expand its own competencies.

This creates a translational scientific environment able to address old and new problems in an innovative way, and able, whenever appropriate to bring the new knowledge to practical applications.

The teaching activity of Egas Moniz, fostered by its Institute IUEM and professional school ESSEM, interfaces with the scientific effort by training highly qualified professionals and scientists that carry the message of excellence and dedication to the community.