Egas Moniz/CiiEM Investiga 2018

Classification criteria  

1. Scientific and technological content (5 points)

The proposed research contributes to the scientific and technological advance of the area of ​​knowledge
Originality of the concepts
Project feasibility

2. Coherence between objectives, methodology and work plan (5 points)
Clarity of objectives
Coherence of the methodology and design of the project with the objectives
Adequacy of the budget
3. Impact of the project (5 points)
The project will be followed by a competitive project with external financing
The project contributes to the valuation of knowledge in Egas Moniz
The project contributes to the creation of interdisciplinary networks at Egas Moniz
The project contributes to the creation of external collaborations
The project contributes to publication in indexed international journals
4. Scientific and technological capacity of the working group (5 points)
Adequacy of the group's composition in relation to the proposed methodology.
The final classification is the average of the 4 criteria classifications.
The projects will be ordered by the respective classification in descending order, and will be funded with a budget agreed between the Egas Moniz Management and the PI.



Establishment of workgroups in the scope of the development of projects "Egas Moniz / CiiEM Investiga 2018"


Objective of workgroups

The workgroups are structures that can be formalized in the CiiEM with the aim of developing scientific projects that can cover different typologies, ex. research projects, thematic networks etc.

Formation of workgroups  

The formation of workgroups is an indispensable condition for the funding to be made available by Egas Moniz to carry out scientific projects.
The workgroups may be constituted on the basis of:

a) Projects that have not obtained financing in previous competitive calls, but which have been well classified by other entities, such as FCT
b) Projects that have not yet been financed. This is the case for projects whose purpose is to carry out preliminary work for the preparation of applications to be submitted to funding agencies.


Project Finance by Egas Moniz  

Egas Moniz may grant financing for the total or partial execution of the projects referred to in a) and b) of the previous point, through a call for tenders. The possibility of submission of the project to funding by external entities is an important selection factor. In both cases, the funding will only be awarded on the commitment that, after the necessary changes, it will be submitted to the nearest FCT call or exceptionally and in a sound basis to the next one. It may also be submitted to another external entity call.
In the case of projects previously submitted to external entities, the text of some sections of the application form for the Project Egas Moniz / CiiEM Investiga 2018, may correspond to the one used in the application previously submitted in the external application.
The CiiEM Board of Directors will submit the project to the Egas Moniz Board of Directors for evaluation. In the case of projects already evaluated by an external entity, this evaluation will be taken into account, along with other opinions that Egas Moniz may consider necessary. The projects will be submitted anonymously to an external panel evaluation. The final decision will be issurd by the Egas Moniz Board of Directors taking into account this evaluation and other factors that it may consider relevant.
The results of the panel evaluation will in all cases be communicated to the researcher responsible for the project.


The guiding principles of the workgroups and associated projects are as follows:

Regulation of workgroups within the call of the Project “Egas Moniz / CiiEM Investiga 2018”   


1. The workgroups shall allow an organized approach to specific scientific problems and shall develop a project accepted by the Egas Moniz Board of Directors.
2. The workgroups must contain a minimum of 3 integrated CiiEM members (exceptionally 2 where appropriate), among which one should assume the role of responsible.
3. Each CiiEM member may participate in more than one workgroup. In this case the participation in each workgroup should be expressed as a percentage of the total time allocated to the research, with a minimum of 25% provided the sum of the percentages in all workgroups does not exceeded 100%.
4. The workgroups are encouraged to participate in external or internal networks to the CiiEM, and may incorporate external members and consultants to the CiiEM. The creation of internal CiiEM networks will be valued (involvement of several Egas Moniz laboratories, not excluding external collaborations).
5. Each workgroup addresses a specific scientific problem, which must be clearly formulated and formalized in accordance with the form. The possibility / commitment that, after development, the project will be submitted to external entities should be contemplated.
6. Workgroups must have or have access to the resources needed to address the problems under study. These resources can be complemented by external collaborations including participation in networks.
7. The workgroups shall disseminate their findings to CiiEM members and the general public in a dedicated seminar, at least once a year, and to publish their results through standard scientific publication channels.
8. If an integrated member leaves the group, the group can always replace it with another member.
9. The results of the project developed by the group should be sent to the CiiEM Board of Directors at the end of each year. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the financing will be discontinued. It may be resumed in an amount proportional to the remaining annual operating period at the date of regularization if the situation is corrected.
10. At the conclusion of the project, the group will be extinguished unless it submits a new project within a maximum period of 2 months.


Application form: “Formulário de constituição de grupos de trabalho do CiiEM”

Approved Projects