Excellence in research


Through a series of workshops, thematic area seminars, research laboratory seminars and clinical meetings, students get in touch with ongoing research projects. Subsequently, they develop their work based on feedback from the teachers in our research areas.


Excellence in research facilities


Egas Moniz has a network of 17 research laboratories and a Dental Clinic (CDEM), with state-of-the-art technology to support our doctoral program. The volume of casuistry of this clinic naturally becomes a pillar of research, based on interdisciplinary research that characterizes the Egas Moniz DNA.


 Unique collaborative culture


Egas Moniz's unique collaborative culture is designed to stimulate interaction between researchers from different strands of biomedical sciences. All students are an essential part of the 2.200 member’s community and play an intervening role in the concept of ongoing interdisciplinary research. These projects should lead to publications as the first author of articles published or accepted for publication in an Indexed Scientific Journal ISI Web of Knowlege / Scopus.


 Network of subsidiaries, offices and groups


Our 30 years old educational project presents a network connecting biomedical sciences with society through a set of structures such as: Egas Moniz Center for Medical Genetics and Pediatric Nutrition (CGMNPEM), the Information and Victim Support - Citizenship and Justice Space (GIAV), Egas Moniz Forensic Psychology Office (GPF-EM), Applied Nutrition Study Group (GENA), Applied Social Studies Group (GESA), Forensic and Psychological Science Laboratory (LCFPEM), Egas Moniz Applied Microbiology Laboratory (LMAEM), Egas Moniz University Clinic (CUEM) and Egas Moniz Dental Clinic (CDEM) located on Campus.


 Clearly international


Candidates can develop part of the research in a true aspect of internationalization and can benefit from the various collaboration protocols available either in Europe or on the American continent. Egas Moniz has a growing and solid network of collaboration in all subject areas, enabling our students to take an international approach to their project.


 Professional level


IUEM's teaching staff is specialized and can advise you on your future career, the result of a recognized professional insertion of our Alumni, and the accompaniment and insertion of these new students is an excellent challenge. There are numerous examples of Alumni who hold positions in leading national and international organizations, higher education institutions, and various state agencies.