Quantitative Methods for Health Research Unit


The Quantitative Methods for Health Research Unit (MQIS) has been established in October 2015 and it gathers a group of faculty and researchers who coordinate curricular units in the areas of Statistics and Research Methods taught at Egas Moniz. The aim of this research unit is to provide support in such areas, for the design, data analysis and dissemination of results produced by research projects conducted in the thematic areas of CiiEM, as well training of highly qualified personnel enrolled in the PhD program in Biomedical Sciences.


The MQIS unit provides the following services:


• Assessment of the adequacy of research methodologies and methods of data analysis to the objectives of a research project.


• Sample size determinations in view of specific research objectives.


• Supervision of collected data management in a research project.


• Selection of appropriate statistical techniques and software tools for specific project needs.


• Statistical analysis of research data.


• Supervision of graphical representation of research data.


• Supervision in the writing of the statistics session of research reports, PhD theses, manuscripts for submission and congress communications.


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