StartUP Egas Moniz 2019


Following the 2018/2019 Activity Plan of Egas Moniz, CRL and through its Interdisciplinary Research Center (CiiEM), it is announced that it is open application in entrepreneurship with a maximum duration of 12 months, to support innovative ideas that may contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

The StartUP Egas Moniz 2019 aims to promote the development of business projects, for a maximum period of 12 months, by students, alumni and researchers/teachers of Egas Moniz, through a set of specific support typologies, articulated among themselves and made available throughout the three phases of the development of the business project, which will enable the consequent creation of new companies.


Applications that meet the following requirements are eligible for the StartUP Egas Moniz 2019:


1. The entrepreneur candidate for a scholarship under the StartUP Egas Moniz 2019 (promoter) must comply with the following conditions:


a) Have employment relationship or be a student or alumni of Egas Moniz;

b) Is not receiving a scholarship for the same purposes and has no other source of income;

c) Do not have a company already incorporated.


2. Projects eligible for the following typology are eligible:


a) Entrepreneurial projects based on knowledge/innovation resulting from teaching, assistance and R&D activities of Egas Moniz or that enhance the resources/dynamics of Egas Moniz, allowing its valuation in the production of new goods and services.


3. In addition to the requirements of this notice, applications must comply with the terms of the StartUP Regulation Egas Moniz 2019.


Applications are open until July 30, 2019.

Application form

Edital of the Application