Environmental Health


Core Labs: WDXRFLab, Anatomy Lab

The Environmental Health research área is aligned to the mission and objectives of the Scientific Project of Egas Moniz Cooperativa de Ensino Superior – CRL, namelly, to promote fundamental and applied research in health sciences and methods, and spread of the resultant knowledge and scientific innovations. The área follows closely the vision of the National health authorities, namely the “Direcção Geral de Saúde” (DGS) concerning the relevance of the environmental factors alnd life styles as determinants of Human Health. It follows also the paradigm defined by international health authorities like the OMS, according to which the disease burden related to environmental factors can be quantifyed.
The specific objectives defined for the research to be developed under this área are the following:

  • To study the role of environmental factors (physical, chemical and biological) in the aetiology of diseases with relevant mortality and morbility, nowadays.
  • To evaluate the direct and indirect impact of the various environmental factors on population health at local and regional level.


Main anticipated actions

- Scientific publications: Scientific articles in international peer reviewed journals of high impact factor

- Public spreading and education;

In adition to the spreading mechanisms specific to the research áreas as defined by CiiEM the following actions are anticipated:

  1. continuation of the integration of the research activity conducted in the line of Environmental Health for the training of students of Health Sciences degree, of the Integrated Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dental Medicine, and extension of this integration for the training of 2nd cycle students, namely in the area of Forensic and Criminal Sciences, in the context of previous collaborations under the Erasmus Mundus program.
  2. support to the experimental work of PhD theses in Biomedical Sciences of full-time and part-time teachers at Egas Moniz, enrolled in PhD programs offered by Egas Moniz and other institutions (ICBAS).
  3. establishment of collaboration protocols with local counterparts, and other agents with national influence, with interests in the area of Health and Environment, namely the Department of Environment of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the New University of Lisbon and environmental associations (QUERCUS and ZERO).
  4. establishment of research protocols with agents of the local political power, namely the Municipality of Almada and other local (ACES) and regional (ARSLVT) health authorities, allowing these agents to make decisions with health impact on populations on the basis of scientific knowledge.


 Environmetal Health Thematic Area