Microbiology and Public Health


Main Lab: Applied Microbiology



The Microbiology and Public Health Thematic Area (MPHTA), in accordance with the CiiEM mission and objectives, and taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), has, as its main objective, to contribute to the improvement and extension of the current knowledge on infectious diseases.

The Thematic Area research activity is mainly focused on prevention, diagnosis and control of such diseases, acting towards the global improvement of Public Health.

MPHTA members currently develop work on several relevant scientific topics, such as: emerging microbial infections, antimicrobial resistance, development of new vaccines and drugs, identification of molecular markers for different pathologies, cytotoxicity of biomaterials and pharmacoepidemiology.

These works are framed by a network of several national and international collaborations, allowing an upscaling on knowledge sharing and results dissemination.



Main anticipated actions

  • Research of new vaccines and drugs to treat HIV infection
  • Determinants of neutralizing antibody response in HIV-1 infected individuals in Angola
  • Characterization of a potential case of HIV transmission from father to child
  • Characterization of the yellow fever epidemic in Angola in 2016
  • Antiviral resistance in HIV, HBV and HCV
  • Searching APOBEC protein responsible for inhibition of HIV-2 vif deficient vírus
  • Breast cancer therapeutics with Vif
  • Citotoxicity assays of several dental materials, using cell lines in culture
  • The effect of the periodontal treatment on the insulin resistance and general inflammatory status improvement
  • Study of the biofilms formed by periodonto-pathogenic microorganisms including free-living and parasitic amoebae
  • Antibiotic resistance on the environment
  • Antibiotic resistance in health care settings
  • Fungal infections with emerging Candida pathogenic species


Microbiology and Public Health Thematic Area