Public Health Microbiology


Main Lab: Applied Microbiology



Main anticipated actions

  • Research of new vaccines and drugs to treat HIV infection
  • Determinants of neutralizing antibody response in HIV-1 infected individuals in Angola
  • Characterization of a potential case of HIV transmission from father to child
  • Characterization of the yellow fever epidemic in Angola in 2016
  • Antiviral resistance in HIV, HBV and HCV
  • Searching APOBEC protein responsible for inhibition of HIV-2 vif deficient vírus
  • Breast cancer therapeutics with Vif
  • Citotoxicity assays of several dental materials, using cell lines in culture
  • The effect of the periodontal treatment on the insulin resistance and general inflammatory status improvement
  • Study of the biofilms formed by periodonto-pathogenic microorganisms including free-living and parasitic amoebae
  • Antibiotic resistance on the environment
  • Antibiotic resistance in health care settings
  • Fungal infections with emerging Candida pathogenic species